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Discover Your Entrepreneurial Genius Type!

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Genius Type!

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Genius Type!

In less than 10 minutes you'll know YOUR Entrepreneurial Genius. Take the test now!

In less than 10 minutes you'll know YOUR Entrepreneurial Genius. Take the test now!

Piergiorgio Sansone

Blaze Genius

Thanks , the first step is to discover yourself!
Thanks, this is the best way to embark on a new adventure. Starting with ourselves, understanding who we are and where we want to go is an exercise that many underestimate. While it must always be the starting point for every initiative we want to undertake. Thanks for making it so simple ...

Dr. Victor Vieira

Dynamo Genius

Simple and better than anything I ever learned about Personal Development anywhere!

Christine Gust

Steel Genius


Gives me lots of things to analyze (good for my Steel genius) :) This is something I can use to observe others throughout my day.

Everybody Is A Genius!

Your Genius is one of four natural Geniuses in the Genius Test. 

By knowing your Genius, you can follow your natural path to success in business (and in life.)

You have a natural way to earn, to learn, to lead, to live and to love.

You have a natural WINNING formula - your Zone of Genius - and a natural LOSING formula. 

When you discover your Zone of Genius, and START using your natural winning formula you, you get into your Flow.

By knowing your Genius, and the Genius of your family, friends and colleagues, you can get into your Flow, and you can help them get into their Flow.

When you are in your Flow, you are doing the things you are best at and that energize you, and letting others do what they are best at and energize them.

Tina Jonasen

Dynamo Genius

A "MustDo" test/tool - for anybody. Entrepreneur, Wannabe or anybody else!!!

Madeline Johnson

Tempo Genius

The Genius Test not only gives you the motivation you need to formulate your vision, but more importantly the tools you need to achieve it. I’m really grateful for this knowledge.

Rich Mullens

Dynamo Genius

The training, resources and support are world-class. Once you take the Genius test to understand your own Genius, and how you lead, live, love and learn best, you will find yourself in 'flow' with your purpose and energised by your passion.

The 4 Geniuses

Why are there four Geniuses?

A line of great minds from Plato to Isaac Newton to Carl Jung agreed there are four ‘types’. We all have a little of each genius, but we all have more of one than the others. These four link to the four seasons.

When you follow your genius, you end up doing what you love, and loving what you do.

Errol Parinussa

Blaze Genius

Fantastically insightful!
I've done the Genius test 5 years ago so did some of my friends. Still the same, great to have a refresher. Great baseline to grow to the next level!

Kate Marais

Dynamo Genius

Don't neglect your Genius

Think, live, work in your best state of flow if you stay in your genius state. Fast track your performance and results.

chevy chisholm

Blaze Genius

fantastic tool, its all explained in such a dynamic and fun way, loved it !

What Type of Genius Are You?

When you understand how each Genius has a different winning formula and losing formula, you can start following your Genius to focus on your strengths and build a team of Geniuses who are strong where you are weak.

Knowing your Genius helps you to know which role models and mentors suit you best. You are in good company!

Dynamo Geniuses

Dynamo Geniuses are Ideas Smart

Dynamo geniuses are great at coming up with ideas and starting things, but not so good at finishing. They lead through task-based leadership, with creative brilliance. They are best at answering the question, "What?"

Dynamo Geniuses include Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, Beethoven, and Thomas Edison.

Blaze Geniuses

Blaze Geniuses are People Smart

Blaze geniuses are extroverts and love people which makes them natural leaders, but get distracted quickly. They lead through people-based leadership, with fun and variety, because they are best at answering the question, "Who?"

Blaze Geniuses include Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Jack Welch, Cheryl Sandberg, Ellen DeGeneres, and Larry King.

Tempo Geniuses

Tempo Geniuses are Senses Smart

Tempo geniuses have acute senses and are highly perceptive, but often get lost in activity.
They lead through servant leadership, taking their time and staying grounded. They are best at answering the questions, "When/Where?"

Tempo Geniuses include Mother Teresa, Melinda Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Michael Phelps.

Steel Geniuses

Steel Geniuses are Details Smart

Steel geniuses are masters at data and systems, and prefer processes over people, but are often over-cautious. They lead through systems-driven leadership, focusing on the details, because they are best at answering the question, "How?"

Steel Geniuses include Mark Zuckerberg, John D. Rockefeller, Ray Kroc, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.

Stephen Mowat

Dynamo Genius

Freedom to create is key for me, so interesting to see the different strengths and weaknesses here.

Gayle Edwards

Blaze Genius

Genius Review
This was particularly useful not just for myself but also to see how others win and lose and how they love! Therefore, not just great for business but also personal relationships.

Daniel Fenwick

Dynamo Genius

Simple, powerful, practical
Everybody should know this. I've been lost and confused at times and have been approached by others who are too - I'm almost certain this would have helped so much.

Your Genius Team

When we bring together the right Genius team, we build the power of great vision.

Through vision, we can turn our thoughts to action.

With great vision, we can turn great thoughts to great action.

We can turn dreams to reality. High performance and making magic is a team sport.

Barry Bentley

Steel Genius

Genius Or Not To Be
You should never stop learning and more so in todays world which is moving at a velocity of vertigo. Getting to know your geniuses is having a useful tool in your tool box for life. I'll be sharing this with my granddaughter.

Martin Haseman

Blaze Genius

Thumbs up... fiery and communicative thumbs up
This was a great way to understand the different ways my Blaze style fits in when I'm thinking through my life, work and relationship paths. Fascinating.

Sangita Iyer

Dynamo Genius

Powerful tool to create teams!

Wow! How powerful it is to learn that if people aren't like you, that's actually a good thing, and they complement each other. Honoring and respecting how others are is what I learned from the Genius chart! In particular, I also realized that I have a team with Blaze, Tempo and Steel in my NP organization. It's an amazing tool to identify team members with unique qualities and harness their talents to serve the greater good!

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Why Are Psychometric Tests Important?

Psychometric Tests allow us to see our differences as strengths, so we can help each other to shine.

Today’s entire psychometric testing industry is based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, and his book Psychological Types published in 1921.

If you have ever heard of the concept of archetypes, the collective unconscious, and synchronicity, these are all terms popularized by Carl Jung (as are terms of introvert / extrovert, and sensory / intuitive).

Carl Jung famously said, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

So, until you know more about how your specific mind processes and preferences work, and what your specific natural strengths and weaknesses are, you will continue to be a slave to your upbringing and past conditioning.

Where did Jung’s information come from?

In 1920, a year before he published ‘Psychological Types”, Carl Jung was the first in the west to publish the ancient Chinese text, the I Ching (Written in 3,000 BC).

Richard Wilhelm, who brought the text back from China, explained to Jung the Chinese five elements, which today form the main personality ‘types’:

Water grows Wood that fuels Fire that settles to Earth which mines Metal that flows back to Water.

Nerizza Malunga

Blaze Genius

Awesome understanding of each one's genius!
This is a very interesting and exciting insight. It can help a lot in understanding each one's strength and weaknesses by knowing each one's genius. This can help a lot in a family project or a company's team giving full respect of each one's uniqueness and ability to contribute and collaborate. I am so glad I found this.

Herman Sucre

Dynamo Genius

Very insightful.
It is absolutely crazy that this speaks about the type of genius that I am and how I would like to work in a team or interact with people.

Autira Newbold

Steel Genius

Awesome insights into who you are at your core for different roles!
I loved this and could easily see that although my profile said Steel, I might actually act differently in different environments or relationships. It really allowed me to see how it is all connected, and how uniquely we each as individuals playing to our strengths can co-exist and thrive.

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